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Em Algum Lugar Entre a Terra e a Casa
–Somewhere Between the Land and the Home

Residency, Collective, Site-Specific
OC Oswald de Andrade, São Paulo, 2015-6

The collective residency celebrates the encouter of the 5 female artists (Renata Cruz, Laura Gorski, Flavia Mielnik, Alessandra Duarte and Bel Falleiros) that shared a historical house in the backyard of the art institution as their studio. Embraced by the space of the ‘casinha’ - the worked alongside while relating to the themes of inner and outer space, the idea of a home and the female presence.

After 3 months of cohabitating the space, they presented a final installation that reflects the architecture of the house and the things that happened inside its walls, blurring notions of authorship.