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Manxs Americanxs
Community, Gathering group
New York (and virtual), 2018-ongoing

"We are all related but we are not all the same"
Marjorie Beaucage

"We are all sisters under the Flesh"
Sylvia Gonzales

“something is really seriously wrong and yet that’s not all that’s happening”
Donna Haraway

"Take in your hand seeds and sing, singing, you sow."
Gabriela Mistral

"All flourishing is mutual"
Robin Wall Kimmerer

Manxs Americanxs is a gathering group of Latinx women and non-binary participants living in New York, working on issues of culture, immigration, identity, social justice and art. Since 2018 we have been making space to be in circle and bend time to be together to caring and nourishing each other.

Manas brings together Puerto Rico, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Colombia, New York and Miami and weave the complicated, beautiful and contradictory stories that connect us, (her)Manas of the Americas.

The group was created during the residency at AnnexB, New York (summer 2018): https://www.annexb.net/talk-latinx-women-gather-in-nyc