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When the whole world is asked to stop it is an invitation. To listen, to make space to the silence, to recall what's in the dark, to remind what sits in the hollow. Can we hold the night in our hands?  Hold the hole, the well, the water (and earth) from where life begins and ends? (and begins, and ends, begins…)  Can we go back inward and pulse with this life, and remember we are part of its wholeness?  To Ripple with Water is an invitation for grounding, ritual, and contemplation.

Placed in the center of The Border Project space two essential conical forms are combined to create a ceramic sculpture, one facing downwards and the other upwards. The form on the bottom touches a floor filled with wood chips from the Hudson Valley mountains where the artist lives. The form on the top holds water from the mountain springs of the same area.  A circular curtain made out of ceramic beads circumscribes this temporary sacred space: an invitation to be still, to ‘spend’ time and ripple ‘with’ water.

Occupying the liminal space of the gallery is a sound component that ties together the installation. These are water songs made with the artist’s voice.  Repeating over and over like mantras with no recognizable words, they are simply a relationship between air and lungs, body and place.  They are born from this dialogue with what is below, above and around us: the place from where we came and to where we will return. 


Is ripple with water made of this pulse as much as by us?  Could we remember how to do it?  Only if we start trying.